From Nuts to Samadhi

In 2014 My Mum’s Nuts was born. For the first year I made multiple flavors of candied pecans.

My little company transformed from an edible company where I was awarded 4 trophies for best edible and 1 for best topical from local cannabis cups. Into a hemp derived CBD only company so I could legally sell my products at local markets.

I’ve finally, after so long decided to change my name to Samadhi CBD. Samadhi is a sanskrit word. Samadhi means a sameness of being where there’s no anxiety and no ups and downs of mood. Just tranquility. Yogis try to reach a state of Samadhi in order to successfully perform Bhakti yoga.

I chose this name because I’ve made a product called Samadhi Drops and Samadhi Massage for a long time and the name just stuck and my customers at my local farmer’s market where I vend my products loved it too.

Now I continue making legit, healthy and effective 3rd party lab tested CBD products to help and heal. Whether it be aches and pains, insomnia, anxiety or dog anxiety Samadhi CBD can help!

I’ve refined my products into 4 different ones. A wonderful CBD dropper, a Nano Broad Spectrum dropper, a CBD massage oil and a CBD balm. Simplified and perfected!

Our Focus Centers Around

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Come say “Haribol!”

We are honored to contribute to The North Park Farmers’ Market in person – every Thursday, rain or shine, from 3 to 7:30 pm.

2900 North Park Way San Diego, CA 92104
(Between 29th and Ray Street)


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